Anespa, EnagicThe first equipment that uses a double filter system

The Anespa system produces slightly alkaline ionized water (pH 6.8-7.5) having the effect of a hot spring. It is used for shower or bath tub.

Features of Anespa

Tap water contains a lot of chlorine. Chlorine is the greatest enemy of the skin. When absorbed into the skin, it forms chlorine oxides, which combined with fat molecules in the tissues lead to skin pigmentation and the appearance of freckles. With Anespa you can protect your skin from the harmful effects of tap water. The device eliminates chlorine and bacteria with the help of its purification filters.

The hot spring effect
Futamata. The hot spring effectThermal water is a unique ingredient whose role is to refresh, moisturize and calm the skin. It can be used for all types of skin. That is why the Japanese from Enagic thought about producing this system through which they could bring the benefits of thermal water in everyone's homes.

The ANESPA cartridges contain only carefully selected ingredients, beneficial to the skin, such as "Tufa", a mineral rock made by precipitation and solidification of calcium carbonate. Tufa is a mineral found in some of the oldest Japanese hot springs located along the Futamata River.

Beneficii sistem Anespa(1) - Water purification cartridge
Tourmaline is a semiprecious crystal with a variable chemical structure, a complex silicate of aluminum and boron. The feature of tourmaline is to enable water through its use of the negative ion effect. It removes all impurities, such as organic compounds, using the activated carbon fiber. It turns tap water into good quality water and improves the efficiency of the ceramic balls.

- Neodymium Magnet (NdFeB)
Magnet known as neodymium or a super-magnet, it is one of the magnets that contain a metal from the category of rare earths and that excess the coercive force and the energy product of any other magnets known so far. For this reason, this product represents a new generation of magnets which are based on rare metals. This highly qualitative magnet can decompose water molecules into smaller groups to activate water (micro-clustering). At the same time, it helps to a better absorption of minerals.

3) – The Ceramic Filter

The filter contains a layer of ceramic, about three times higher than other conventional products. It contains ceramic balls that generate negative ions, producing a relaxing effect and preventing oxidation.

Installing Anespa

Instalare sistem Anespa

Price and Purchase Details

The price of the Anespa system is 2,390.00 USD.

The price is the same worldwide, but the acquisition currency differs.

If you want to buy the Leveluk device, we will help you fill out the necessary forms. The payment is made in the bank account of the Enagic Company. After payment confirmation, the device is sent to you by courier.

You can buy online here.


Anespa External Cartridge

$100.00 USD / Replacement Filter Yearly.

  • • Removal of substances such as chlorine
  • • Filter replacement interval: Approx. 1 year (depending on the water quality)
  • • Effective removal of impurities using activated carbon fiber impregnated with tourmaline.


Anespa Ceramic Cartridge

$250.00 / Replacement Filter every 3 years.

  • Filter replacement interval: Approx. 3 years (depending on the water quality)
  • • A two-pronged combination of radium hot-spring and bamboo-charcoal ceramics is used to make mineral ion water


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Did you know...?

  • The water content in the human body is about 70%.
  • The brain contains 83% water, the blood 83%, the eyes 95%, the muscles 75%, the lungs 86%, the kidneys 83%.
  • pH - the amount of active hydrogen. pH is from 0-14. 0-7 = acid. 7-14 = alkaline.
  • All life pyramids are based on water.
  • Good water is the key to proper cleaning of body fluids.
  • Water eliminates active oxygen.
  • The ratio of water in the body varies by age: from 97% in an embryo of seven days, gradually decreasing to 80% in a newborn, 60-65% in an adult and 50-55% in an old person.
  • On overweight people the percentage of body water can drop to 40%.